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        麥士-MaxTM 多編鋼繩吊索(平行編織環眼)


        US Patent #5,561,973 & Patents Pending


        這是一條柔軟而最強的多編鋼繩吊索。它可帶來最強的吊索和銷子D/d比例 – 1:1。 D是銷子的直徑,d是吊索主干的直徑。(當銷子直徑和鋼繩直徑比較時,D/d比例是4:1。)


        麥士-Max?多編鋼繩吊索在起吊重物時最有效率,又能滿足所有標準。環眼部分用 12根鋼絲繩,以平行編織而成,因此繩和繩之間不會交叉折疊。環眼部分用了厚的護 套,把鋼繩的位置固定。


        吊索是根據美國海軍和鋼絲繩技術部索具指南的要求和規定而開發。吊索已經通過 認證試驗,在附上細小銷子時,其負載能力,是多編織鋼繩吊索中最強,因為環眼部分 是由12根鋼絲繩平行編織而成。


        Gator-Max?wire rope sling is the strongest multi-part sling with great flexibility. This develops its full strength on small pins with a D/d ratio of 1:1 where D is the diameter of pin and d is the diameter of sling body. (D/d ratio is 4:1 when comparing the pin to the component parts.)


        For heavy lifting work this is the most efficient wire rope sling that meets all of the standards. The eyes have the wire ropes (12) laid in parallel so that there is no cross over and then they are wrapped with heavy duty material to keep them in position.


        This sling was developed to meet conditions specified by the US Navy and the Wire Rope Technical Board Sling Manual. Testing has proven it to be the strongest multi-part wire rope sling when attached to small pins because it has twelve parts of wire rope in the loop in a parallel construction.



        Gator-Max? Wire Rope Sling Specification